Daily Diet and Fitness Journal

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  • SIMPLE & EASY TO USE LAYOUT: This Diet and Fitness Journal is Ideal for quick record keeping at home, at work, or on the go. Easily keep track of your “PR” (Personal Record) as you create them. It includes all the sections required for your food and other physical habits.
  • PLAN: Set your daily/weekly goals and stick to them. It will push yourself to a higher level on your fitness journey so that you may see the results of all your hard work. Rate your experience with new workouts and or diet plans. So you can adjust them in the days that follow to better your attitude and results.
  • RECORD: Log your daily meal intake including your Protein, Carbs and Fat consumption. As well as time of each meal so you can adjust your diet plans accordingly to help you to reach your desired goals.
  • TRACK PROGRESS: Pre-set your daily workout activity in advance such as “Sets, Reps and Distance (running, walking, jogging & etc.)” So that you can see your progress and growth. As well as change your routine if needed to make it more effective.
  • STAY INSPIRED: By writing down your daily workout routines and eating habits you are more likely to follow your desired goals and see results oppose from those who don’t. Because a goal without a plan is simply a wish!

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Whether you are just a beginner or a long-term fitness advocate, Formed By Me’s Daily Diet and Fitness journal is the perfect fit for you!

This is a deluxe food and fitness diary with plenty of room to record your daily routines and maintain your diet by counting your calories from  fat, carbs, protein, etc.  Along with your daily exercise and other activities. It is designed to empower your mind, body, and soul and help you keep moving, keep nourishing, and keep sweating to reach and maintain your fitness goals.

The Formed by Me Diet and Fitness Journal will help you stay motivated and focused by setting goals, keeping track of calories and all your macros (Carbs, Fat & Protein). As well as keeping a log of all your gains, weight loss and workout routines; especially when you create new PR’s (Personal Records)

Studies show that when you carefully write down goals and progress, you are more likely to have a greater success in accomplishment than those who don’t. Actually, Formed by Me’s Daily Diet and Fitness Journal is the proof that you can reach your fantastic goals using your own motivation by seeing your own results throughout your entire journey.

• Losing weight was probably the most difficult thing for you, but with this journal you will definitely make it.

• Keeping a diet is really hard, but when your best friend is Actually, the daily Record Keeping of your DIET and FITNESS routines it be easier to gain results in just the first 2 weeks.

• Staying motivated to exercise every day for some people is a complete challenge, but Formed by Me’s Daily Diet and Fitness Journal will make you love everyday by tracking your results.

So STOP THINKING and START DOING… Make everyday count; Since everyday is another chance to get stronger, eat healthier and most importantly form the best version of you!

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